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Year-Number: 2022-3
Yayımlanma Tarihi: 2022-12-31 04:32:07.0
Language : English
Konu : Biostatistics
Number of pages: 53-59
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Aim: Within the scope of this study, we aimed to create a network map of the keywords obtained from the theses published in the field of nursing related to health literacy.

Methods: Social network analysis was carried out using the Keywords obtained from the theses prepared on health literacy. Theses used in the Study were accessed via During the review, theses in the nursing field with the phrase "health literacy" in the title were selected and the keywords obtained from these theses were included in the study.

Results: It was determined that the keyword with the highest degree and betweenness centrality was health literacy. The keywords "health literacy", "nursing", "health" and "education" had the highest degree and betweenness centrality.

Conclusion: This is a guide for researchers who want to study health literacy in the nursing field to show which concepts are related to health literacy. Through this work, we can suggest innovative research questions, focus on topics not considered necessary, and thus contribute to the literature.


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